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Singer/ Songwriter Roger Yeardley



Blasts From the Past:

This blast from the past is a video compilation of myself and my friend and Cincinnati music legend, Marcos Sastre, performing in 2003.

Marcos Sastre/ Roger YeardleyYou Tube video compilation

The Same But Different:

The 3rd Balance Productions CD made the list of "Great Local Releases of 2013" (Cincinnati CityBeat, Dec.25-31, 2013)

“really incredible! .. Americana .. yes .. but timeless! the guitars are simply perfect!! ... and the songs .. good selection! ... it's all a bit like Rockpile (Dave Edmunds/Nick Lowe) meets Sir Douglas ........... very fine CD!” - Lord Litter (Germany, whose program on Radio Marabu is broadcast throughout Europe):

..."Long time indie recording artist is always eclectic but focuses this time on songs in a country style for much of this highly enjoyable album. This ain't corny, this ain't even hip... this is just solid songwriting and musicianship.". - Don Campau (KKUP, KRFL, Radio Marabu)

Buy the album or download mp3s now at iTunes and CDBaby (see links below)

Roger Yeardley: The Same but Different
1st and 2nd CDs

All songs from 'Sheepless In Cincinnati' and 'Communal Effort' can be found (CDs and mp3 downloads) on CDBaby:

Roger Yeardley: Roger Yeardley

and at the iTunes Music Store as well as Rhapsody, Amazon, Spotify and others....

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