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The Same But Different CD

Hi-Res Pics - Roger 1 (B&W) Roger 1 (color) Roger 2 (color) (photos by Mike Boland) Press Release

Next Up - CD release parties: (see Gig Schedule for more info)

November 23 (Sat.) - Cincinnati - The Lounge (w/ Roger Y & the Quick Replies)

December 21 (Sat.) - Nashville - Ri'chard's Cafe

This CD is the logical next step in Roger’s atypical, in-reverse musical career. The 1st CD, ‘Sheepless..’, was a faux ‘tribute’ CD, with well-known Cincy groups interpreting Roger’s songs. The 2nd CD, ‘Communal Effort’, had Roger participating more with individual Cincy musicians in performing his compositions and singing a few tunes. By the 3rd CD, The Same But Different, Roger has assumed the role of lead singer, and also included his versions of off-the-beaten-path ‘cover’ tunes previously done by artists such as Wynn Stewart, Ben Vaughn, and Johnny Cash. Recorded in Cincinnati and Nashville, the CD features appearances by guitarist Bill Kirchen (of Commander Cody fame), and Nashville pickers Chris Casello and James LaRitz.

April 2013

Come out and catch the new band full of old friends, Roger Y & the Quick Replies. We are out peforming my tunes and some unique cover tunes. We are playing a few tunes from the upcoming release and will be playing the full CD and promoting it this fall.

Roger Y & the Quick Replies (L to R: Mike Singer (drums, vocals), Roger Yeardley (guitar, vocals), Paul Sass (bass, vocals). Front: Jerry Hedge (guitar, pedal steel)


All songs from 'Sheepless In Cincinnati' and 'Communal Effort' can be found (CDs and mp3 downloads) on CDBaby:

Roger Yeardley: Roger Yeardley

and at the iTunes music store:

iTunes Music Store

As well as Rhapsody, Amazon, Spotify and others....

** BALANCE NEWS Archive**

Enjoyed performing at the JOHNNY SCHOTT COMMEMORATIVE CONCERT on March 18, 2012 at THE REDMOOR in Mt. Lookout.. Lots of great Cincinnati musicians got together to honor the memory of one of local legend gone too soon. Thanks to Steve Sigsbee and Deb Noon for performing with me. Great to see a lot of Cincy musician friends.

Johnny sang a song of mine (Talkin' In The City) on my local music project CD 'Sheepless In Cincinnati'. The song made a bit of a splash overseas when it was released.

Download a FREE mp3 file of Talkin In The City HERE. (4.5 MB). Song also features Bill Osterhaus, Tim Skidmore, Marcos Sastre, Mark Brandt, and myself.



More past events...

2008 - The Balance Allstars released a 3-EP/ CD, on Aug. 16 at The Comet.

2006 - A clip from the song 'Rise & Fall of the Blues' (written by R. Yeardley, T. Skidmore) was used in the major motion picture release (Oct. 2006) Texas ChainSaw Massacre.

Performed at the 2006 Midpoint Music Festival - (Sept. 20-23)

PERFORMANCES - Current schedule of Roger Y & the Quick Replies, solo gigs and duos with Jerry Hedge, Marcos Sastre and others. Click here to see the performance schedule.

Check out this great local music organization, formed to support Cincinnati area musicians -

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