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Let Balance Multimedia develop multimedia training for your business or organization. Balance offers a unique combination of scientific/ technical expertise and multimedia creativity, and has a proven track record in producing successful products for clients such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and Jai-Jo Music. If anything you see here interests you or you have any questions, send us an email.


* Modular design allows employees to take training at their own pace, in their free time, without taking entire days away from work for training.

* Saves company travel costs often associated with training.

* Saves money and management time. Especially good for training which has to be done repeatedly by managers due to staff turnover,

* Testing - Multimedia testing modules, which can be included with the training, offer a means to confirm completion of training, can track test data such as time to take test, commonly missed questions, etc.

* Highly effective - People are visual - good multimedia training can take advantage of this to help adults learn. The many types of media and learning experiences take advantage of the many ways that different people learn.

* Consistency - Makes sure a group of learners are all exposed to the same information. Especially good for a large and/or geographically spread-out group of learners.


“Introduction to Comprehensive Performance Evaluations” - developed for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Roger Yeardley was the lead developer of CD-ROM training for teaching the successful Comprehensive Performance Evaluation (CPE) method of evaluating drinking water plants. It is being used by federal, state agencies, and private firms across the U.S. to help improve drinking water quality. Demand for this product was so high, that it had been used for training in over 25 states in its draft form before it was released. Now available from the USEPA (ask for publication # EPA/625/C-01/011).

This product includes modular design that allows users to take the training at their own pace, testing modules. It uses many types of media - video, audio, animation, text, images, along with simulation, user interaction, humor - to engage the user in a fun and effective learning experience.

"Secrets of Songwriting Success” - developed for Jai-Jo Music

Roger and Balance conceived of and developed this first-of- its-kind multimedia songwriting workshop (both PC and Mac CD-ROM versions). As well as being sold at workshops and in music stores across the country, this product is also being sold online by Jai-Jo Music, and by Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI). It's been reviewed in national music magazines such as RECORDING and American Songwriter, and as of this date it is still the only multimedia songwriting workshop available. This product features videoclips of live workshops, transitioning text, song clips, web links and more.

We're glad to have you talk with our former clients and ask them how we did. If you have a serious interest in using our services, we'll gladly put you in touch. .


Roger’s experience for over 14 years as a professional scientist in a range of disciplines has shown that he has the ability to grasp and convey a wide range of technical concepts. He is an accomplished communicator of technical topics, having done training of field crews and individual scientists, and having taught at the college level. He has presented at conferences of international scientific organizations, acted as a journal reviewer, and published the results of his research in international peer-reviewed articles.

We're not going to know all that you know about your business or area of expertise in a few hours or a few weeks, but we have shown the ability to assimilate the critical points quickly and find ways to creatively and effectively communicate that crucial information in multimedia training.



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