Roger Yeardley - Review Excerpts


* "a beautiful, beautiful piece of work." - Brian O'D (WNKU)
* "strong songwriting skills" - Amy McDonald (Everybody's News)
* "fun new compilation" "[as a] tribute to Cincinnati's musical eclecticism... the record is a success"
“crafty and catchy songs..” - Mike Breen (Cincinnati City Beat)
* "different and a ton of fun." - Jim Knippenberg (Cincinnati Enquirer)
* "very talented songwriter" "truly diggable disc" "proof of Yeardley's versatility" "ideas dealt with
are mature and well explored" - Bones ( SCREED Magazine)
* "blues which B.B.King would be proud to interpret.." "Lyrically, "Crumbs" stands out as the
album's bright star.." - Ben Hulette (Everybody's News)
* "Back Alley... a kick ass song" - Jonathan Levitt (Radio Shanghai)
* "true classic songs" "a very great compilation" - Lord Litter (Radio Marabu)
* "great music, great songs, and a lot of very talented musicians" " ..a pleasure to play"
Rockin' Patrick (The Knight After Show, Vancouver, Canada)
* “shows off some real fine Cincinnati talent..” “one of the best-flowing compilations I’ve heard..”
“a really good time throughout..” - (GAJOOB Magazine)
* "cool man, really cool...." "These are some great songs that I see hearing on the radio at any time."
"excellent from start to finish." - C. Baxter (Baxter’s Anti-Zine)


* ”clever tunes...... quite a ride.......witty and penetrating lyrics” - Rick Bird (Cincinnati Post)
* ”clever, never trite lyrics.... retro yet current message ....long in talent “ (Citizen magazine)
* ”excellent songs”....”like your favorite bar on a great night. Another round for sure.” - Bryan Baker (GAJOOB)
* “This is a wonderful compilation album from Cincinnati, Ohio….12 quality tracks… all songs written by Roger himself, displaying his talent in several music areas. This is an album worth checking out.” Here and There
* “I haven’t been fond of all things Ohio. But maybe I’ve been wrong. This CD is quite catchy! …. A very enjoyable musical moment. This is the kind of band I’d like to see at an outdoor summer festival. ” kev (Autoreverse)
* “Recently Roger sent me this, his new, a project that proves, in more ways than one, that the talented guy is very much alive in more ways than one. Yeardley.. shows just how broad his writing talents are. …very entertaining.” Pete Smith’s Rock Pile (U.K.)
* “I’m completely in love with “This Space Reserved” Lord Litter (Radio Marabu)
* “Communal Effort scores a winner. You can write a snappy tune, and your lyrics are really strong.” Brian O'D (WNKU/ WGUC)


* ”One of Cincinnati’s most treasured singer/songwriters” - Michael Milton (Everybody’s News)
*“Roger Yeardley leads the pack! He continues to create the best blues sound in the world today…. One of the best blues men, singer/songwriters of our day! Roger hits the mark!” Elton Houck (Texas Twister Radio Records)